32. Halg

Mõtlesin, et võiks vahelduseks Mõttelõkke veelgi kõrgemaks kasvatada ja juba veel ühe laulukese juurde visata. Mul hakkas see viis paar päeva tagasi kummitama ja peab ütlema, et vähemalt enda meelest õnnestus mul ta suuremate kadudeta ümber tõlkida.

Aitüma tähelepanu eest!


I saw you in a picture, you were lovely, you smiled
but your pretty eyes had something to hide
I knew it at once, I couldn't make it right, though
'cause when I was born, you had already died

you could've married, could've had a child or two
grabbin' gazes in your high heel shoes
but oh who knew what we know to be true
now... your last afternoon was over too soon

too late, I couldn't see ya'
Cecilia, Cecilia
too late, I couldn't feel ya'
I guess I'll always have my memorabilia

that's the thing with pictures, you can never quite know
how frozen children smiling frozen smiles in a row
grow up to shoot each other just for a show
the ones who live shrug and say 'That's how it goes.'

a bird is an egg's way of becoming another one
and when we finally have one thousand bombs
goin' off all at once, blowin' us apart
Man is Earth's way of turning into a star